01 oktober, 2010

Comenius meeting in Sicily

Well, the first year of the Comenius project at our school is over. It was very exciting.
We have started the new 2010-2011 school year with a meeting of partner schools in Capo d’Orlando, Sicily. Our host was the Instituto Tecnico Statale Commerciale e per Geometri “F.P Merendino” school.
The meeting took place from the 24th do 29th September and nine representatives of the Primary schools of Videm and Leskovec took part in the meeting: Adrijana Šmigoc, Eva Milošič, Janja Jus, Tjaša Slatič (8th class pupils) and Janez Belšak (a 7th class pupil). They were accompanied by teachers Stanka Veršič, Petra Fošnarič and Ksenija Samojlenko and the headmaster of our school, Helena Šegula.
During our stay in Sicily we have learnt a lot about the Sicilian culture and school life at the host school. We have also had a presentation about Slovenia and our own school, and prepared a table full of typical Slovenian dishes at the so-called European dinner. As usual we also discussed the coming activities that will be carried out in the second and the last year of the project.

04 junij, 2010

European day & School Leskovec day

The 3rd of June is a special day for our subsidiary school Leskovec. It's the Leskovec School Day. This year the celebration was entirely in the European spirit. Students together with their teachers learnt a lot about the countries of schools in the Comenius school partnership throughout the entire school year. They prepared a lot of very colourful and varied products connected with the nature and culture of the countries and they also prepared a programme with many performances - singing, dancing, theatre and a European fashion show. The local community and representatives of local authorities came to the celebration and visited the exhibition of the products and the European cuisine. Of course, everyone was invited to taste all those delicious snacks as well.

02 junij, 2010

Videoconference with Polish pupils

Today our 4th graders in Leskovec held a videoconference with Polish peers and their teachers Iwona and Roma. In this videconference our pupils introduced themselves to Polish pupils and showed them what they've learnt about Poland in this year's project. All pupils were very excited and eager to learn more about each other. Our Polish friends tried to teach us a Polish chant but there wasn't enough time to practise it. They also showed us their pet - a real hamster that they keep in their classroom!

20 maj, 2010

Comenius meeting in Tavira, Portugal

From 10th to 17th May 2010 we visited our Comenius partner school in Tavira, Portugal. Five students from our 8th class - Maja, Lea, Jana, Anja, Tilen - accompanied by teachers Iztok and Robert took an almost four-hours-long flight to the southwest of Europe, to a mediterranean country of very kind people. There we took part at the International fair organized by our partner school and we presented the beauty of Slovenia, the municipality of Videm and the activities that take place at our Primary school Videm. Our Portuguese hosts also organized some sightseeing so that we learnt more about the land of the seamen.
At parting we felt rather sad because we've become very good friends with students and teachers of all six partner schools participating in this meeting.
A beautiful painting created by our Portuguese friends.

11 maj, 2010

European day at our school

On Monday, 10th May, was a European day at our school. We have learnt a lot about the countries of our partner schools - Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and Poland. Our students participated in workshops, such as cuisine, language workshops (we invited some outside help - one of them was even from Faro:)), geography, music, flora and fauna, art, crafts and sports. Younger children were also very creative. They've learnt about the countries through typical children's games, songs and dancing, arts and crafts. In the end we had a presentation of the workshops in our gym. It was a lovely day.

09 maj, 2010

Let's get to know the EU

On the 8th May our school participated in a project called Spoznajmo države EU - Let's get to know the EU in Ptuj. We celebrated the 6th anniversary of Slovenia becoming a member of the EU. Children from many school in our region all perfomed on stage presenting one of the EU member countries and there were as many colourful stalls as there are EU countries. Our school was presenting Spain.

05 april, 2010

Meeting of partner schools in Cyprus

Our Comenius project is in full progress and this time we have visited our friends in Cyprus. The third meeting of schools in the Comenius school partnership took place at our partner school Gimnasio Soleas in Evrichou from 20th March to 24th March 2010.
Four 9th-graders - Tomaž, Vanja, Sabina and Blaž - together with the teachers Petra Fošnarič and Ksenija Samojlenko first drove by car to the Vienna airport and three hours later we landed in Larnaca, Cyprus. There we were welcomed by the host families. Cypriot hospitality was outstanding. By staying at hosts families, our students got an insight into the life of a modern Cypriot family, they attended some lessons at Gimnasio Soleas, hung out with Cypriot and Italian peers and we all visited some of the cultural and natural sights of Cyprus. We also went to Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, which is divided into two two parts Greek Cypriot and Turkish. If one wishes to visit the Turkish side one must cross the border and go through passport control.
During our short stay in Cyprus may friendships have been made especially among students and the lively communication, which started in Cyprus, continues in our Comenius Facebook group.
Evharisto Cyprus!

10 marec, 2010

Videoconference with Spanish partners

Today we had a netmeeting with our Spanish friends with whom we cooperate in the Comenius project. The videoconference was held via two webcameras simultaneously and we got to know our friends better. We have learnt how open, enthusiastic and friendly Spanish students are. The girls even sang and danced their traditional flamenco! When they started singing Macarena, of course, we jumped in and started dancing as well. It was a very plesant meeting and hopefully, there will be more.