30 maj, 2011

Joana and Lea, Comenius friends

I hosted a student from a partner school in Portugal. Her name is Joana Silva Trabulo.
As this was the final meeting of the Comenius, I prepared a lot of activities for us.
With other friends from the Comenius project at our school, we agreed that we will do them together.
They came on Wednesday evening. With the family we prepared dinner. On Thursday I went to school where we had three hours of lessons. Then we went to school in Videm where we had a celebration. There we met other Comenius friends. After the celebration we had art workshop, where we were very creative. After school I went home, where we had lunch. After lunch we went bowling with all Comenius; it was really nice, because we got to know each other better. Joana and I went with Maja and Maria to see Ptuj. We visited the Castle of Ptuj. On Friday we had a trip to the Vintgar gorge and the island of Bled .After the visit we had lunch. Then we had some time for conversations and fun at the playground. When we came home after the trip we said goodbye to other students from foreign countries and went home. The evening we spent with friends at home. On Saturday we had a sports day. We had various activities. We attended the walk and volleyball. It was really nice. Then Maja, Maria Joana and I went to Maribor Pohorje, where we drove to the top by gondola. Then we went shopping. The rest of the evening we spent with family. On Saturday I had to say goodbye to our guests and teachers.
In this project I learned the importance of tolerance for other peers who come from foreign countries; to accept them such as they are, and they are amazing. This experience will remain a beautiful memory.
Lea Hojsak

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