18 december, 2009

Comenius Christmas tree

Christmas is getting closer and closer and we can already feel its spirit at our school. Namely, today we have set up our Christmas tree. But this isn't just another Christmas tree that you can see in every house. It's a very special Comenius Christmas tree! When decorating the tree, we thought of our friends at our partner schools in Spain, Poland, Portugal, Cyprus and Italy. In classes we made ornaments representing typical things from our friends' countries with the help of our teachers. We've learnt that in Spain, women used folding fans to keep themselves cool; in Poznan, Poland, there are two legendary goats that come out of a clock at midday everday at the main square; Portuguese eat a lot of fish, the Italian like pasta and in Cyprus the kolokoui was a homemade container for water or wine. We really enjoyed the creative atmosphere and had a lot of fun today.

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